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Welcome to English for Aviation at KBZAC


Useful resources for pilots can be found HERE

ILC Homepage: http://www.admc.hct.ac.ae/ilc-kbz/

List of suggested apps here:


This wiki has been removed from public access. You may request to join the wiki and if I know you I will make you a reader and you can log on with your PBWorks password. If I don't know you, you can write me at vstevens@hct.ac.ae and explain why you wish to view this wiki.



45 N101 English 2014 (Aug onwards)

If you are in this course, look here for your materials


Older course archives


45 Section 4 2014 (Jan-June) 

If you were in this section in the N175 course, look here for your course materials


46 Section 2 N070 (Jan-June 2014)

If you were in this class in the N070 course, look here for your course materials



General information


How to recover your HCT password

Obtain your HCT ID number from your teacher

Follow the procedure for recovery given here (you will need to have your mobile phone to complete the process)



Google Drive



These files might help you create a Google Doc and share it with vancestev@gmail.com


MS Word


If you use Word you can get feedback in Track Changes.  Here's how: http://screencast.com/t/s0o5secQs2P



You can also get feedback from Word itself by right clicking on anything you see underlined in red or green




New Laptops bring new rules and announcements


Now that you have laptops, you have responsibility for getting your work done at your convenience.


The teacher will use class time to help students with their work and facilitate its completion and submission.  Students will receive credit for work done (and no credit for no work done).


Work will be assigned at this portal and you are responsible for checking here and completing assignments made here. 


How to activate your HCT email


Activate your HCT web mail at this direct link: http://email.hct.ac.ae 

Direct link: https://hct-fs-o365.hct.ac.ae/adfs/ls/?wa=wsignin1.0&wtrealm=urn:federation:MicrosoftOnline&wctx=wa%3Dwsignin1.0%26rpsnv%3D2%26ct%3D1378193162%26rver%3D6.1.6206.0%26wp%3DMBI_KEY%26wreply%3Dhttps:%252F%252Fwww.outlook.com%252Fowa%252F%26id%3D260563%26whr%3Dhct.ac.ae%26CBCXT%3Dout


If http://email.hct.ac.ae doesn't work, try the old way, http://webmail.hct.ac.ae


Use your HCT ID and password to enter your Outlook Webmail

  • YOU CAN change your password to something you can remember.
  • DO NOT LOSE or forget your password.  It will be difficult to get it re-set.


Send an email from your HCT account at http://email.hct.ac.ae  

to vstevens@hct.ac.ae. Please write the following in your mail:

  • Subject: Welcome to N101
  • Body: IDENTIFY yourself and request that I send you the link to the audio file (as in example, below)


  • HCT mail is essential for communications with your teacher 
    Google is for sharing documents; HCT mail is for email communications)
  • So we will know who has retained the letters given to them (and which you signed for) with password information 



How to access the KBZAC LAN 


You can access the KBZAC LAN by typing this IP address into Windows Explorer - \\ 

To access the Portal or LAN you must change your USER NAME to HCTAD\h00etc ...



Test LAN access by opening a directory window (Windows explorer) and pasting this address there:




Download this essential FREE software


Or install something similar on your computers


How to open PDF files in Adobe

When you open a pdf file it might open in Adobe or in a viewer, depending on the default for your computer

  • If you open it in a view it might not save to your computer and you'll have to connect to the Internet to see it
  • If you want to keep it on your computer and view it offline, you'll have to download the file
  • Also, you will need to open it in Adobe if the pdf file if you want to write on the file
    (for this to work, typewriting must have been enabled in the file)


To save the file to your computer, right click on its download link and choose SAVE LINK AS ...

For example, from this wiki, right click on the word DOWNLOAD as shown


This will download the file to your computer. However, from your computer, you may have to force Adobe to open it by using OPEN WITH ... To do this, browse to your file's location on your computer and right click on it.

In the pull-down menu, select OPEN WITH and choose Adobe.

If Adobe is not one of the choices, you should:



You may want to create accounts in these spaces


The most useful one: Google 


Create an account at Google (if you don't have one already).   


  • So you can use Google Drive
  • So you can share documents with your teacher and get effective feedback


Here are some helpful links for using Google Drive (formerly Google Docs)










Create an account at Dropbox, http://dropbox.com

  • Why?
    • So you can share large files with your teachers and other students
    • So you can keep your personal files in the cloud and access them from any computer 


Some people use other services to do the same thing, such at http://box.com 

And you can also use Google Drive, so no need really to create a dropbox account, except that it's a useful service 


How can your teacher help you?

Important: When you EMAIL vstevens@hct.ac.ae PLEASE use a SUBJECT

And make sure you identify your name, ID, and section

If you don't I might write you back and ask who you are

And if you write me at any of my personal email addresses I might not see your mail




PBworks reclaims URLs when they have not been revisited for a year.

This wiki was visited and altered by adding this text on January 24, 2022















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